Saturday, July 30, 2011

Companies and local businesses are taking advantage of Applicants

Applicants are starting to be taken advantage of more because the economy is bad. (I.E. lower wages, shelter and a low salary as compensation) It is not acceptable to pay a worker with $300 a month and a room for full time work. If the employee is expected to be at the premises 40 hours a week, he or she should be compensated for his or her time. $300 a month and a room is not compensation for full time work. This is illegal and does not add up. 

 Also wasting time and money of applicants with fake job ads, and leading on applicants that they have a chance or giving false hope is ridiculous.
I don't understand why some companies will tell you, “we have free dental here which you would receive and you don't work every other Friday.' 'I really like your background and experience this job would be a good fit or easy for you to handle.'" This is false hope and leading the applicant to believe he or she is going to be hired, however the company didn't hire this applicant.

I believe if you have no intention of actually hiring the person or have not made a decision why mention the benefits you offer your employees? Is free dental and having every other Friday off going to benefit someone you’re not hiring anyway? These benefits should be mentioned upon hiring or in the local job ad.

Also, “You would be kept on the day shift so you don't have to worry about working nights, when can you start?" Again if you’re not hiring the applicant why even bother going into the whole spiel? Ask when you decide to hire the person. Again the representative is giving false hope.

  A company might state the applicant will know by the end of the day or by next week if they got the job or not. However most don't call and your left feeling abused once more and led on because the employee of the company led you on to believe you had a chance when you never did. 
  After awhile applicants lose hope and start to deteriorate. They become depressed, stressed, suicidal, and hopeless.  Someone might say this isn't the company’s fault but after all these people were chosen to represent the company.

It's like they say, “tell someone their ugly everyday, sooner or later they will begin to believe it." What are these applicants starting to believe? Maybe they start to believe they can't get a job, their not good enough, and just maybe they will never improve the situation they're in.

Lets say you have went to many interviews, you have a very good resume, your bright, outgoing, have a lot to offer a company but they turn you down one after another and you drop to the ground. It starts to become hard to get back up but you push harder, prey, and hope for the best. You might take an interview class and build your skills up. One has to bite sooner or later and don't give up. Some company is out there for you, the ones who didn't want you, it's their loss.

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